What's it about?
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              A line-up of business owners, career experts and go-getters, ready to share 
everything they've learned with you! 
Maya Elious
Personal Branding Strategist
Ahyiana Angel
Host, Switch Pivot or Quit Podcast + Personal Development Expert
Marlena Banks
Monique Baker
Corporate Strategist
Gayneté Jones
Best-selling Author + Motivational Speaker
Gala Jackson
Career + Leadership Coach
Tiambi Simms
Social Entrepreneur
Taylor Mills
Gernae Alexander
Keynote + Author + Strategist
L'areal Lipkins
Author + Entrepreneur
Ashley Cash
Career Coach + Speaker
Lené Hypolite - Founder 
Lené is an entrepreneur and the founder of The Glow Up Podcast, a weekly show aimed at showing what the grind behind the shine is really like.  She's passionate about helping people to realize their full potential, regardless of their circumstances.  
5pm - 6pm EST
Making a Difference While Still Making Money
Tiambi Simms - @T.I.A.M.B.I
Tiambi is a social entrepreneur, and the founder of SheFarms, a FinTech startup that works with smallholders in emerging economies. Tiambi will teach you how to make a difference in your community, and still make a profit
6pm - 7pm EST
From Passion to Profit
Gayneté Jones - @gaynete
Gayneté is a leading millennial mentor and best selling author. Gaynete's mission is to create a life of comfort, fulfilment and freedom for themselves. Gayneté will teach on how to successfully monetize your gifts and talents
7pm - 8pm EST
Personal Branding for Your Career
Gala Jackson - @interviewsnob
Gala is a certified career and leadership coach. 
She provides custom career and life coaching services for Millennial and Gen X leaders. Gala will speak about why a personal brand is important for your career
5pm - 6pm EST
The Corporate Blueprint - Navigating The Corporate World As A Young Black Woman
Monique Baker - @hercorporatejourney
Monique is a corporate strategist who aims to help millennial women transition into, and navigate through the corporate world with confidence and class. She will be sharing tips and tricks on how to excel in the corporate world as a young black woman
6pm - 7pm EST
How to Finally  Launch Your Dream Project
Taylor Mills - @mills_tay
Taylor is a success strategist who helps people execute on things they're passionate about. Taylor will walk us through her proven process on how to get from idea to launch and see sustainable results.
7pm - 8pm EST
Keynote To Cash
Gernae Alexander - @gernaealexander
Gernae is a keynote, author and strategist, as well as a loving wife and mother. She'll teach us how to use speech to convert clients and increase our income.

8pm - 9pm EST
Mastering Your Message As An Entrepreneur - Interview
Maya Elious - @mayaelious
Maya is a personal branding strategist that teaches women how to leverage and monetize their skills, expertise, and gifts in the online space. In this interview, Maya will talk about her journey through entrepreneurship and how how to master your message and build your brand
9pm - 10pm EST
How To Build A Global Brand 
Afua Osei - @helloafua
Afua Osei is an entrepreneur, investor and public speaker who co-founded She Leads Africa, a media company for millennial African women. She will teach you how to create a brand that resonates on a global scale
5pm - 6pm EST
Better Job & Bigger Salary
Ashley Cash - @ashleyncash
Ashley Cash is a career coach and speaker. She'll talk about how to Negotiate the salary you deserve in your career.
6pm - 7pm EST
How To knock Out Your Goals In 30 Days
Lareal Lipkins - @visionboardsoverbrunch
L'areal Lipkins is a success strategist that is passionate about helping women break barriers, creating their own opportunities. L'areal will share how to accomplish your goals FAST
7pm - 8pm EST
The Startup Blueprint
Marlena Banks - @marlenabanks
Marlena is an entrepreneur and Author of Big Idea Food.  She's going to teach us how to quickly generate the clarity and capital you need to get your big idea funded. 

8pm - 9pm EST
How To Pivot In Your Career - Interview
Ahyiana Angel - @ahyianaangel
Ahyiana is the host of the Switch Pivot or Quit Podcast + a personal development expert. In our interview, she'll share her story and talk about how to pivot in your career
The Glow Up Summit will be available for sale immediately after the conference for $149. You'll be able to access the recordings and follow all of the presentations that were held live.  Hit your 2019 goals by learning from these experts!
  •  Full conference registration to three days of sessions ($2,500 value)
  •  Access Pass to full-length recorded sessions for forever playback ($597 value)
  •  BONUS MASTERCLASS: How to have your Glow Up Year ($97 value)
  •  The Glow Up Swag Bag - Freebies created by the speakers - made exclusively for the summit ($500 value)
Do I need to pay for the live summit? 
The live summit is free, but you have the option to pay $79 for the replay, so you can go at your own pace! 

Is the Glow Up Summit for all ages?
The Glow Up Summit is for anyone who is wants to level up in their business or career 

Where will The Glow Up Summit take place? 
Both the live summit and the replay will take place online.  You'll receive a link in your email which will take you right to where you can watch!
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